Nawaz Sharif Coming to Pakistan on October 21, Confirms Ex PM Shehbaz

Three-time elected prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, will return to Pakistan on 21 October 2023 after four years in self-imposed exile in London, said his party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz(PMLN).

Nawaz Sharif was caught in the Al-Azizia Mills and Avenfield corruption cases in 2018. He served seven years imprisonment at Kot Lakhpat jail Lahore in the Al Azizia case but he was allowed to go to London on medical grounds in 2019.

Shehbaz Sharif also said that Nawaz Sharif will return to his Country face the law and lead the upcoming election campaign.

"The leader of the People Nawaz Sharif and The architect of Pakistan will return to their hometown Pakistan on 21 October 2023," Announced Marriyam Aurangzeb, PMLN information secretary.

Supreme Court of Pakistan disqualified Nawaz Sharif from holding the office of prime minister over corruption allegations. Since disqualification from politics after a conviction is limited to five years, Nawaz Sharif could be eligible to participate.

Muhammad Faizan Anwar