Israel and Palestine Conflict Latest Updates

As heavy fighting continues between the Palestine Hamas group and Israeli forces, here are the latest updates since Monday's situation.

The Fighting

At least 50 Palestinians were killed and 120 Palestinians were injured in an Israel airstrike on a public market area in a refugee camp.

The Israeli army claimed that it had managed to achieve control of all settlements near the borders.

Israeli airstrikes have destroyed seven mosques since Saturday 07-10-2023.

Palestine authorities said Israel's attacks have put Beit Hanoun Hospital in the Gaza Strip that's unable to serve people who need medical 


Israeli airstrikes damaged large parts of the Al- RImal neighborhood in Gaza City of Palestine.

Conflict by Numbers

The death rate of Palestinians rose to 687 people, including 140 children and over 2900 injured. 900 Israelis have been killed and over 2616 are wounded at least.

Over 123,500 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were displaced. More than 130 Israelis are hostages in captivity.

West bank Situation

Fifteen Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces across the West Bank of the military, said the Health Ministry.

Israel continues its airstrikes all over the territory of Gaza and blockaded the population of roughly 2.3 million people.

Hamas said it has some 150 Israeli hostages in captivity. Now the U.S and other Governments are working to determine the number of foreign hostages in Hamas captivity.

Joe Biden is expected to strongly condemn Hamas' terrorist attack over the weekend.

The surprise attacks from the Hamas have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians including  11 American citizens at least.

Diplomatic Front

  • Qatar is holding negotiations between Palestine and Israel for a possible deal on a prisoner swap.
  • Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan and UK Foreign Secretary James discussed the recent tensions between Israel and Palestine.
  • A rally by Bangladesh's party Jamaat-e-Islami condemned the Israeli attacks on Gaza and urged the Muslim community to ensure the safety of Palestinians.
  • Switzerland urged both the Palestine Hamas Group and the Israel army to protect civilians.
  • Humza Yousaf Scotland First Minister said, his parents-in-law are trapped in the Gaza conflict between Palestine Hamas Group and Israel.

Muhammad Faizan Anwar