From Where You Are to Where You Want to: Achieving Your Dreams

Knowing where YOU'RE GOING is the first step toward getting where you want to go. If you don't know where you're going, you're unlikely to go where you want.

So first, ask yourself what you truly want to achieve in life. What do you desire in the next five to ten years? Write a detailed description of the person you want to be, the people in your life, your health and fitness, your riches and plenty, and everything else you desire.

Once you've got that, you might want to ask yourself why. WHY DO YOU WANT THIS LIFE? WHY MUST YOU HAVE IT?

Consider the mother who dares to lift a car with her child stuck under it, without the explanation of WHY, she would never be able to accomplish such an extraordinary task.

Consider the million stories of people who refused to give up and succeeded against all obstacles because their WHY was larger than the devil in front of them.

So, we begin with MEANING. Meaningful objectives. Then come clear plans because action cannot occur without a plan of action.

"How do you get from where you are today to where you want to be? Has anyone tried something similar before? How did they do it? How could you do it better? How can you do it your way? Where did others fail, and what can you learn from them?"

From Where You Are to Where You Want to

Here are a few major ways you can help yourself move from where you are to where you want to be:

1. Try not to let past mistakes scare you for the future

Instead of focusing on the past, focus on what will help you flourish in the future. Everyone has setbacks, struggles, failures, mistakes, and hardships, but you always have the option of what you carry forward with you.

2. Grab a paper map and compass

Even if you're going on an adventure, you'll need a map to know where you are and a compass to know which way you're going. Make the necessary plans to ensure that both pieces are in place before moving forward.

3. Know your triggers

We all have triggers, and only you can overcome yours. The key to permanently breaking through a trigger is to discover something greater, whether it's faith, family, or the desire to attain your full potential and achieve your goals.

When you overcome your triggers, you eliminate any self-destructive behavior that is keeping you back.

4. Have confidence in the baby steps

As you are aware, you do not need to see the entire staircase before taking the first step. Continue to take small measures, and watch as they begin to build up to significant outcomes.

5. Find your line in the sandy ground

Especially during times of transition, you must understand who you are and what is important to you, what you will and will not tolerate, where you can say yes and where you cannot compromise.

When you do, you may keep yourself on track by avoiding the distraction of incorrect priorities.

6. Think bigger than yourself

Every now and then, we all find ourselves at a crossroads, when life appears to be asking us to choose between being stuck in the same location and going on to something new with an unknown destination.

If you go out, the challenges and difficulties you face along the way will strengthen your courage and help you become more than we ever imagined possible.

7. Understand what motivates you

Understanding what drives and inspires you is crucial because it allows you to stay focused on your goals. We all have times in our lives that give us the desire and drive to achieve our goals.

Stay connected to such times so you may draw on them when you need inspiration.

8. Treat each Experience as a Resource

Consider all of your experiences, whether favorable or bad, to be a library of resources that you may access whenever you need the wisdom and information they contain.

Experience is your first and best teacher, a valuable source of information personalized specifically to you. Consider it an asset in creating the life you desire.

9. Remake yourself as Required

Reinvention is not about changing who you are or what you are about; it might simply be a different way of pursuing the same objective.

Finally, if you want to get from here to there, you must use what you know and study to move forward.

Be among the few who know where they are going in life. The few that have a DESIRE to improve in all areas. Willing to work on all areas. Excited about the possibilities.

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Muhammad Faizan Anwar